danielle knight

With the start of the new year I've been resisting my normal urge to rush and make a million things happen at once ( that's a multi-passionate person for ya ) because last year, in life + the first 6 months since officially launching my Bizz, I did allloootttt and I need some balance. 
I built my website from scratch, coached men + women across the world, held 8 events, developed my unique Soul Compass course, a first of it's kind Eat Play Love Travel Workshop, my first ever 3 night Boho Bliss Adventure, spoke in front of audiences, dreamed up & studied to start my Podcast, adventured around New Zealand, turned 30, fundraised for my beloved OrphFund, moved houses twice, and started a contract job for the Festival of Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. 


The reason I'm telling you is because I want to empower you by sharing that I did it all despite the fact that I had no fucking idea what I was doing.  Each time I tried something or created something I was nervous, excited and scared.. but I made a decision about the kind of life I wanted so I push through and make it happen!

Yes, I've had experience running events around the world, yes I've had experience speaking in front of people but it's soooo different when you're creating and giving from your Soul, putting yourself out there for your passions, having to believe in and back yourself to make your dreams happen. And like anything that we imagine, dream of or want to start... there's a million reasons we give ourselves as to why we shouldn't, why we can't, why it won't work out. 

What is that dream for you? 

When I first had the idea for the kind of business I wanted - I had no idea how it would evolve - 
I just trusted the little voice and feeling in me that it was right direction and the vision I held for what I wanted it to become ( a vehicle for real change in the world, and for me to lead my most adventurous, wild + soulful life ) and from there the answers showed up! The right courses appeared, the right teachers, amazing connections, beautiful supportive friends + then a tribe, with people like you, arrived. 

All it requires is one moment of courage to say yes, to say no, to book that ticket, to start that course, to let go, or to jump the bones of that person you crave.

You just have to decide.

11 years ago I made a decision that changed my life - based off nothing but a little voice deep in me and a soul craving for more.  I booked a plane ticket to the other side of the world at 19 ( one way ) with $500 to my name, no plans or anything else other than a deep intuitive knowing that it was the right decision.

That decision lead me through 57 countries and counting..and started the journey that allowed me to become the woman I was born to be in this lifetime, forms the basis of my business and gave me the experiences my Soul came here seeking

What decision do you want to make that isn't logical but sparks your Soul? Are you willing to put yourself out there despite not having all the answers, or feeling 100% ready? 

None of us really have it all figured out and if you wait for all the answers you risk looking back on your life with regrets or 'what if's ' , and let me remind you, Wild One, you deserve so much more than that! You're here for magic, not mediocre so trust yourself, trust that voice, and make a f*cking decision already. Let 2018 be the year you make it happen for yourself. xo