danielle knight

It's that weird time of year again..the hype has swiftly been and gone and now we're left lingering in between the Christmas chaos and waiting for the New Year to set in.

Soon we'll be hitting the ground running in 2018 - have you stopped to check in with what you really want?  

I dunno about you but I've never been one for traditional goal-setting - I feel pushed, stressed and trapped by the usual way it's done, so I do it differently. I want to help you turn things on it’s head by sharing my New Year ritual & a process that gets to the heart of what you really want so you can set your sights on what's most important, exciting & feels good!!

Before you set your resolutions — the things you hope to attain, achieve, and accomplish — it's about first thinking of how you want those things to make you feelWhen you wake up in the morning, when you get in your car, while you make that art, while you’re planning your travels..

Let this be the year you create your life with pure + powerful intention! 

a soul-full start

If your heart’s been pacing to find a better way to move into the New Year in a soulful and powerful way, look no further, Dreamer.

Grab a pen + paper!

1. Celebrate the 'Fuck Yeahs' + honour the shit!

Make two lists.
On the first write down allllll the 'fuck yeahs! ' you've had ( The job you got, the party you threw, that photo you took, the book you finished, the ways you grew, the trip you took, the class you went to, the person you asked out ) *It's important to find and reflect on the moments of magic from last year before rushing into the next.* 

In the second list write down the shit. The things, habits, people, food, places & situations that you don't love, that make you feel like crap, that are no longer serving you and that you DON'T want to bring into 2018. 

2. How do you most want to feel?
Write down the way you want to reallllyyy want to feel, rather than the things you want to get, achieve and have. Choose the top 3 feelings. 

3. What do you need to do?
Make a list of the things you need to do, let go, stop and/or start to feel the way you most want to feel? 

*Focusing on generating your desired feelings - means that you'll be a magnet for all the good stuff!* 

4. Set your intentions
Intention is the energy behind the things you do that determines the result.
What kind of year do you intend to have? (Remember, you're in the drivers seat) 
What intentions will help you feel the way you want to feel?
Do you intend to be a more calm and balanced person?
To be your most healthy and vibrant? 
Have more boundaries + more space?
Have an adventurous 2018?

5. Declare. Let go. Trust
With your final intentions written down, take a photo, sit in a place where you feel relaxed, connected, inspired & read your intentions aloud with the following phrase + then burn the paper, letting it go and trusting in the process.

Feel free to change these words to what suits your Soul:

" I trust that I am supported and that my intentions will manifest in the most beautiful way.  I am excited to co-create with the Universe in 2018 and to be surprised at how things turn out exactly as I intend, or better.  This is the year that I feel ...... + .........+ ......... "

There you have it. A clear break down of how far you've come, what you need to keep and let go of, what to do to feel how you want to feel and what intentions will set the tone + determine the actions you take in 2018 for it to be your best and most powerful yet. 

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