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 What if you could create a life that fits your soul … not the mould?


Hey, I’m Danielle.

I’m a zero-fluff (but mega nurturing) freedom expert, speaker and educator empowering free spirits, change-makers and open-hearted seekers to redefine success and redesign their lives to have the freedom, adventures and impact they crave.

When I’m not exploring a new cafe, you’ll find me making the most of my nomadic lifestyle, connecting in real life with peeps and smiling into my laptop as I support incredible legends just like you to shake up things up, stop playing small and start living life on their terms.

I’m for the humans ready to create those, “Holy f*ck, I’m obsessed with my life!” kinda vibes.

I know you…

You’re a black sheep. A free spirit. A curious Soul with a creative ( w i l d ) heart who feels stifled by the status quo. 

You know you’re here for big things. 

But actually living the purpose you’re destined for?

Doesn’t feel so easy. 

Especially since it feels like your dreams are drowning under the weight of fear,
external opinions,
and – let’s get totally real - your own exhausting excuses.

You’re ready to make shit happen. 

And I’m ready to help. 



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“I was in a job that didn't bring me any happiness anxious, feeling lost with no sense of Self.

This experience changed my life.

I realised my purpose + direction, landed a NEW JOB, my creative vibes are back and I’m CONFIDENT in myself, my abilities and my life - that damn word that I couldn't say without tears and fear before working with Danielle.

-Tessa H

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“ Danielle’s our secret weapon, in life + bizz “

-Olivia O’Connor.
Rad Livin’ Festival Founder


Danielle helped me let go of a lot of the emotional chains that were making me stuck (i.e. unworthiness of money, dreams, success etc).

Now I have MORE money + it’s a fun area of my life rather than something I dread.

I created new offerings and relaunched my side hustle, I’m connected socially and excited about sharing my Soul creations rather than overwhelmed or afraid.

I have more trust in my direction, confident about my dreams and not as afraid to show my real self to the world.

  • Ashley Duncan

danielle knight

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