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Eat, Play, Love - Travel Workshop

You know that niggling feeling you have to travel, explore, and learn about yourself and the world? 

Well, what if I told you that feeling is your Soul nudging you towards certain places and experiences because they hold keys to uncover more of who you truly are and what you're here to do with this one precious life?

What would you do if you knew how to use your travels as a tool to create the change you seek?

If you knew your adventures could help you feel truly confident in who you are, would you hesitate in going? 

Are you ready to find out what's waiting for you, Wild One?

For the Wanderlusts ready to have life-changing adventures! 

Do you want to travel and see the world but money, time or overwhelm keeps you from booking that ticket?

Are you ready to take off and explore but don't know exactly how to make it happen?

Craving travel that's full of meaning and purpose instead of just a holiday? 

Sick of waiting for your friends but fear of the unknown & traveling solo keeps you from the adventures you crave?  

This first of it's kind workshop is designed to help you map out and pursue life-changing, soul adventures with confidence. 


- The benefits of traveling with intention instead of just booking a sight-seeing holiday
- How travel can change you and your life
- Uncover how you really want to feel and what you can do to feel it
- How to add purpose and meaning to your adventures
- Overcome the fear of solo travel and make friends straight away
- Ways to fill that travel fund and return home with money in the bank
- How to map out your ultimate Soul adventure ( The most inspiring & fulfilling experiences, places & adventures for you ) 


It pains me when I hear the flicker of inspiration and excitement in someone's voice burn out from all the reasons why they think they can't and shouldn't pursue their dreams and soul adventures.  

As a Life + Soul Coach & travel with purpose expert, I'll be sharing my experience, knowledge and advice gained from the last decade of backpacking, living and volunteering through 56 countries around the world. From moving overseas at 19 with $500 to my name - to building orphanages in some of the most dangerous places in the world, I know that whatever you dream of doing is possible and I want to help you follow the call of the places and experiences that most light you up! 

This workshop will empower and inspire you to give yourself permission to just GO and equip you with the tools needed to confidently make it happen! 

Guest speaker

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Rebecca is a Writer, Speaker, and Clinical Psychologist. Her message centres on the task of living bravely in the truth of our experiences as finders and seekers of inspiration and connection.

Rebecca’s first book, You Can Be Happy: 35 PowerfulHabits for Personal Growth and Well-Being, hits the shelves in April 2018.

She is also the author Happi Habits, an e-program designed to boost well-being. She can be found online interacting with her community daily about finding courage and living inspired, expansive lives.

Rebecca will be sharing her advice with us on how we connect with our values to live adventurously and tools to overcome stories the mind uses to keep us living small. 




6:00PM - 8:30 PM




2.5 hour Eat Play Love - Travel Workshop

    Hear about my experiences & lessons from the last 10 years of travel & what I would do differently.

    Guest Speaker Dr Rebecca Ray teaches us how to overcome limiting stories & break through fear to do big beautiful things. 

    The top fears around solo travel & how to overcome them. 

    Save money for your trip and how to return home with money in the bank
    My 5 step process on creating your ultimate Soul adventure. Where to go & what to do to get exactly what you crave
  • Q&A
    Pick our brains and get some answers to those burning questions!

Your investment


Let's talk travel
Myth Busting
Travel Fund Fillers
5 Step Soul Compass Course
Delicious Platters
$60.00 AUD


Let's talk travel
Myth Busting
Travel Fund Fillers
5 Step Soul Compass Course
Delicious Platters
9PM - 10PM 1 hour intimate travel coaching session.
Wine + tapas at a private table in a cosy bar.
Personalised advice & coaching so you can have no hesitation in booking that trip!
$100.00 AUD

Eat Play Love is about more than just lists of things to see in each place. 

You can go to a travel agent to book your trip, or you can work with me and together we will map out your soul adventure. 


What you'll get

- Clarity on what you really want from your travel and exactly how to get it
- Personalised list of Top 3 places to visit
- Money in your travel fund
- Confidence to take the leap
- Connection with fellow wanderlusts right here in your community
- Inspiration to unlock those dreams and scratch those itchy feet
- Clear vision of where to go and exactly what to do to fulfill your dreams and travel desires
- A list of exciting, meaningful experiences and adventures
- Resources and recommendations
- Tools to stand up against those in your life who try to squash your travel dreams
- Tools to quickly tap into your courage and overcome fear
- Intimate, focused, personalised time and advice from me about anything else you're still unsure about

What are you waiting for Wild One? Your adventure of a life-time is just one click away!


Is this about what travel agents and tours to book?
No, this is getting underneath it all, to the Soul and purpose of your travel. Uncovering and getting clear on the things, experiences and places you're drawn to and showing you how to confidently go on that trip to change and enhance your life.

What if you havent been to the country I want to visit? How will your help me?

My experince of navigating through more than 56 countries has given me the know how of uncovering hidden treausures and finding the info I need. Plus, if I haven’t been there, I can almost guanetee that I know someone who has so will always give you advice or guidance from first hand, or trusted source receommendation

How will spending money on this workshop help me to go overseas when I could put it towards my trip?

Over the last ten years I have invested more than $70,000 into my travels, and you are gaining access to all of my knowledge and education in a workshop that gives you tools to instantly plan for life - changing and meaningful travels.   

Whats wrong with just booking a ticket and following my feet?

Nothing, but if you’re hesitating in going or at a cross roads and feeling overwhelmed, this workshop will help you understand what you need and provide you the tools and inspiration to finally make your travels a reality. 

Is there dinner provided?
No, but there will be snacks and drinks for you.

What do I need to bring?
Just yourself and a willingness to participate. The more you put in, the more you'll get out it this. 

Is there parking around the venue?
There is plenty of paid and unpaid parking on the streets surrounding the venue. 

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
It sure is. 

I was hoping to gain more confidence & lessen my anxiety. Danielle helped me with so many ideas of things to do. Life is continuing to open up and become more exciting.
— Cameron Perrins
“I’d absolutely recommend Danielles services. Her love & knowledge for travel is phenominal & radiates from her at all angles. She can help with everything from logistics - to where to find the best, & cheapest Sangria.
— Vanessa Faint
I totally recommend Danielle. No tour guide compares.She makes you feel comfortable, is super knowledgable and she has great insight into different places.
— Kathryn Jennings
Danielles knowledge and passion for travel is on the next level. Dani had such a great understanding of each destination and culture and my experience was awesome.
— Rowan Steinkamp
I wanted to have new experiences and see what’s out there. I gained confidence and learned that I can do things on my own. Danielle was brilliant and my experience would have been so different without her
— Kirsty Reid
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