For many years now I've dreamed of creating experiences to help people become their best, most free and empowered selves and as a Life + Soul Coach retreats have the potential to beautifully compliment this work, but while they're a hot thing ( and I know many who benefit greatly from them ) the very definition of a retreat is the complete opposite of what I'm actually passionate about using to facilitate deep change & transformation. 

A retreat: A place you can be alone, to retreat from it all. 

While I do believe we humans need more time spent alone, in reflection and rest ( and I also recognise that retreats each have different offers ) , what I want to give and share and offer my guests comes through things that are better described in the definitions of: 

Adventure: ' An unusual, exciting or daring experience" 
Getaway: ' A short holiday" 

I've been learning and collecting insights, wisdom and tools through my journey of traveling the world for the last decade and also working as a Certified Life + Soul Coach, so I deeply understand the power that travel, adventure, coaching and new experiences hold for meaningful and lasting transformation and I'm passionate about fusing these together to enhance our ability to shift, grow, expand, connect, break free, reconnect, and heal. 

Stepping outside your routine, being somewhere unfamiliar, with unfamiliar people, doing new things, and intentionally pursuing experiences which highlight your passions can change your personality, effect your physiology and shift the way you look at the world, and from my understanding of and desire to share this - the first Boho Bliss Getaway was born.

A soulful 3 night adventure to help bring your dreams, desires and true Self to light. 

Boho Bliss: Adventure + Wellness + Connection Getaway is the perfect combination of exploration, new experiences, connection and coaching to help you create the change you seek and shake things up.

It's not to retreat or hide from it all, it's to be supported to face and speak out loud those things you truly want, desire, deserve and need. To be guided to do the soul work and be in action towards shifting what needs to leave your life and call in the things that you've been dreaming about, all while having fun and creating lasting memories with new friends in the process.  

These Getaways and Adventures are a chance for you to step outside your comfort zone and the influences of your day to day 'noise'.  Surprise yourself by the risks you take and the things you're truly capable of. It's an opportunity to invest in an experience rather than things to nourish your mind, body and Soul in the most powerful ways.

You will be invited to open up, consider and uncover new possibilities for yourself, and gain the confidence to do things a little differently, to do things on your own terms and bring more joy and inspiration to your life. 

Retreats are wonderful, but my adventure getaways are for those who want to use the magic and energy of new places, people and experiences to uncover and unearth hidden treasures from deep within so you can start to do more of the sh*t you love, be confident in who you are and lead the life you're meant to live - full of passion, purpose & adventure!!! 

To grab one of the few spots remaining for Boho Bliss: Adventure + Wellness + Connection Getaway down at stunning Byron Bay during 20 - 23 October 2017, click here! 

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