“You’re never too old to rediscover yourself, to dream & hope like anything is possible. It is “ - Beau Taplin.

As children we are free, curious, our imaginations are unchained and our beliefs on what is possible in life extends all the way to a fat man in a red suit dropping gifts off for us one night a year and little fairy beings leaving money on our pillows in exchange for our tiny weeny teeth. 

We make no excuses for who we are, what we believe, who we want to play with, what we want to do & what we dream is possible for ‘when we grow up’. 

But as we get older we're conditioned to think differently as we're taught what is & isn’t acceptable by certain standards. We inherit the expectations of our family and their definitions of success and these form the lens through which we see the world, so what we once thought possible for ourselves becomes lost under ‘realistic’ goals, the rationing of probability & what the ‘sensible’ path is. ( And this isn't the fault of our parents, it's an unconscious pattern that seems to be passed down throughout our society ) 

Generally as adults our need for safety and security ends up suffocating the very things that bring us joy and fulfilment - our dreams & desires. We can drift so far from our inner child & what we truly want, that we no longer recognise it or have faith in our ability to achieve it.  And the real danger of that is it causes us to settle for ‘good enough’. That’s when the ‘ok’ job with nice office views & the latest car, trumps our willingness to take risks and put it all on the line to create, do & go after things that will make us feel most alive with passion and purpose.

Well, as one adult to another and on behalf of our dreams I’m saying enough is enough!! We all deserve more than 'OK' & I know you have within you all that it takes to bring those dreams to life. 

It’s time for us to rediscover who we are, what we want & step into what we are innately capable of. We deserve to feel excited about each day we wake up, so let’s silence the outside noise & chase those dreams like they’re possible, because honestly - they are!! ( Take it from one adult who is making hers come true ) 

If you allowed yourself to wonder, as you did as a child, about the boundless possibilities your life holds, what would it look like? Imagine how incredible it would feel if you finally did that thing, created that piece of art, started that business, applied for that dream job, had the courage to audition. 

It’s not too late, you’re not too old, you haven’t missed the boat - if you still have those dreams, it’s because they are yours to bring to life.

And if they’re feeling a little dusty or like you just don’t know what you want anymore..thats OK, like anything it can just take a bit of practice, so make time in your days to sit and imagine, spend time reading about things you’re curious about, attend events that peak your interest and see where it leads.

Go forth, let your inner child lead the way, take small steps & back yourself… I believe in you Dreamer, you’ve got this!!!

Love & LIght,
D. x 

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- Danielle Knight.