california sunset

Two years ago today I found myself standing among a crowd of people from vastly different walks of life to me, in a town I wasn't from, attending the funeral of a man who was killed saving the life of his soulmate. 

He was a friend I knew for only a few short months but whom, along with his beautiful wife, took care of me and many other travellers as if we were family.

It was beautiful to hear the stories of the lives he touched and the way in which he did it - patiently picking up the broken pieces of his wife's heart and teaching her how to love again, standing by his childhood friend and helping to raise the daughter she gave birth to at 16, lending money to save a friends house and investing time in teaching a young teen how to become a hardworking and dependable man.

I left feeling heavy, but grateful to know them both and I wondered if he ever knew the gift that he was to others. He was a quiet guy, enjoyed the simple things and lived a humble life but his legacy is one that I believe everyone should hope for -  One of love, of kindness and generosity.  His life was an example of how when you extend yourself in love, however that may look, you create ripple effects through more lives than you may even realise.

It was a reminder of the power that lies in true human connection and kindness in any form. You don't need to be a millionaire to make a difference in the world. You don't need to be a saint to make an impact. You don't need to be famous for your voice to be heard.

Just use what you have - to share what you can - to give to the Souls that need it. What a different place this world would be if we ALL took responsibility for how we can show up for the planet and each other, instead of waiting for everyone else to go first, to do the work and to make the change. 

Today, I invite you to open your heart, hands and mind to reach out, lift someone up, push someone through, be there, be present, create some space, give your energy and make some effort to extend yourself in love..however that may look. 

Thank you for the reminder today, Spike.
Rest easy, friend. x