‘Irresponsible’, ‘ lost ’, ‘unsettled’, ‘running from something’, ‘unhappy’.

These are the adjectives that have been thrown at us for choosing the path less traveled ( in almost every sense ).

And, here's what we have to say about it.

It is in fact irresponsible to spend your time complaining about the way things are but refusing to change. 

It is those who are disconnected from themselves & their inner truth who will remain lost.

It is those staying in jobs, careers, relationships and circumstances that drain their souls that feel unsettled, unstable and unhappy. 

We, out here, in the open space of freedom, travel, exploration and passion are not running from anything - we are running with our choices, we are running with our dreams, we are running with our creativity and ideas towards a life that we love.

Sure, we don’t always know where it will lead and it isn’t always easy, but we're certain of what the alternative looks like because we see it every day.

We hear it in conversations with our own family and friends, we read it online and on the faces of those who have given up and given in.

Settling for a life less than what you desire is a claustrophobic and dim existence in comparison to the adventures of pursuing your passions and connecting with others who are happily embracing all that life has to offer. 

For the Gypsy Souls who feels these words, don't be trapped by what society dictates you 'should' or 'have' to do. Allow yourself to be seduced by the possibilities of what your life holds, follow your bliss rather than the crowd.

Book that ticket, take that class, start that business, get lost with those strangers and let inspiration and wonder infuse your world. 

Nothing is more important than taking responsibility for your own happiness and if that means going against the grain and joining the ‘Wild Ones’, then so be it. We'll see you there. 


The Wild One's.

- Danielle Knight.