The most self loving practice you can develop.

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The most self loving practice you can develop.

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Developing a practice that constantly checks in with and prioritises the needs of your Soul is the most Self Loving you can have. 

The state of our Soul is the most important aspect in our lives to take care of. It is the foundation from which everything else operates. When our Soul is suffocated and stifled, our lives are out of whack, we becomes stressed, disconnected, our physical bodies are effected and things start to unravel. 

I was recently invited to speak at The Self Love Movement about ReWilding. ReWilding is the process that returns us to our most free Self, it connects us back to our inner wild, the essence within us that knows who we truly are and what we really want - before all the bullsh*t from society started to tell us otherwise.

This allows us to lead our most adventurous, wild + soulful lives because it prioritises what we really want and need, by stripping away the things, people, and stories keeping you from being the person you truly are and doing the things you came into the world to do. 

I opened up and shared my own journey from being conditioned to fit in, bullied, keeping myself small, shying away from being 'too much', 'too emotional', ' too independent' and how I found my way to being unapologetic in who I am, what I truly want, creating a life around it and how I empower others to do the same, in their own unique way. 

Danielle Knight

No one is more of an expert in who you are, what you need and what you're capable of than you!
Before we are taught otherwise, we are each born with a clear knowing, unapologetic nature and we walk around the world exactly as we are. We talk to whomever we want, we laugh, we play, we express our emotions and we believe that whatever we can imagine, is possible. 

As we grow up we become conditioned to fit in and our society, care givers, our peers and systems start to tell us who we are, and depending on our background, skin colour, identity, abilities or race - we are taught that we are right, wrong, accepted, normal, an outsider, or not important.  

Because of this we lose touch with our truth,  we become distrustful of our own inner guidance system and start to place more value on what others think of us, what they think we should do and we're squashed into a box. Each ‘right’, ‘wrong’,  'should and shouldn't' story we inherit, forms another layer over the knowing within of who we really are. 

ReWilding is deep, involved and ongoing work I support others to move through because I'm passionate about helping them break down the layers keeping them stuck, and allows them to hear ( and trust ) that inner voice so they can confidently follow it. 

Here is a helpful process you can do to start your own ReWilding journey. 

1. Take stock of exactly where you're at

( Where do you currently feel restricted, trapped, suffocated, unfulfilled? ) 

- Break your life up into 5 sections:
Career, Creativity, Community, Spirituality, Wellness.
- Write down how satisfied you are in these areas.
10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest.
- Next, write down how much you allow your true Self to be expressed in these areas. ( Do you let who you really are shine through in these areas. Do you say what you want to say. Are you doing the things you would love to do in these areas. )
- Tally up the scores and start with the one that you rated lowest in.

2. Develop ( or strengthen) your relationship with your intuition.

Our intuition is like the walkie talkie between us and our Soul. Our soul, our inner wild, is always guiding us towards towards ( or away from ) the people, places or things that we need for our best lives. We are raised to undervalue this part of ourselves but it is always there and part of our work is to learn what it looks or feels like for us so we can lean into it more.
When we don’t listen to those inner whispers - our body will speak to us, and when we don’t listen to our body, the Universe will give us a big slap upside the head. ( For me it was in the form of losing a best friend suddenly and developing health issues )

An exercise that Teal Swan developed is the act of using the messages from your body to decipher your intuition.

- Close down your eyes and bring your attention inwards.

- Scan your body and bring your awareness to any tingling, any ache, any pain or anywhere you are instantly drawn to. Focus there and breathe for a few seconds.

- Imagine that sensation, ache or pain turning into an object. ( Don’t think, just feel and let your imagination take you )

- Imagine that object turning into an image. Breathe and allow the image to appear in front of you. Picture it floating in front of your face and spend some time there, observing and noticing as it comes to life.

- When you have the image - ask it for guidance around what you need to let go of in that particular area of your life. Ask what you need to ReWild. And then listen. It may just be a word, it may be a sentence, you may see another vision but just listen and allow it to come through with no judgement.

- Open your eyes and write down what came up.
Journal and let the words flow. If it doesn’t make sense straight away, thats OK. Just carry that guidance with you throughout the week or so and see what evolves. 

3. Give voice to what you want.

What does your Soul want you to express? What did your intuition urge you to speak up about? What are you really craving? What do you really want to let go?

Part of rewilding is honouring that part of ourselves that desires to be heard. We all have a voice that matters but we are often taught to be quiet; don’t be too loud, too emotional, too ‘something’ for others and our voices are drowned out.
We are taught to put the comfort or opinions of others above our own need to express ourselves.
Start to prioritise this and give voice to what you want. Scream, laugh, cry, sing, say that thing. Speak out loud the guidance you received from your intuition,  Let that inner Wild out ;) 

4. Give yourself permission to follow through

The act of DOING what you really want is a form of rebellion that our Ego ( brain) doesn’t encourage, so it puts fear in our way and it's a part of what society tries to numb out of us.

Write yourself a permission slip and DO the thing you want,the thing that scares you, the thing that excites you. Prioritise the needs of your Soul.  

5. Repeat as necessary

Run through this with the other areas of your life or use it to tap in for guidance about decision, actions or things you need. Remember, you are the expert and you have all the answers within but if you need some support getting over any procrastination, confusion or doubt that surfaces - you can download my free ReWilding Ebook by joining The Wildings here or learn about how I can help support you here. 

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How to boost your confidence + make new friends!


How to boost your confidence + make new friends!

danielle knight

A huge aspect of feeling confident in who we are and what we are doing/what we believe is possible for ourselves) is the influences we allow into our lives that add to or take away from our Self belief.

Yes, confidence starts from within but often when we aren't paying attention to our thoughts the default for our worldview and ourselves in it is shaped purely on external factors - the media, the societies we live in, the stories we're told about ourselves ( you're too loud, too quiet, too floaty, too much, too strong, too sensitive, too weird ) and the people we surround ourselves with.

As human beings one of our most important emotional needs is a sense of belonging and a recent study by Harvard showed that
"Our relationships and how happy we are in our relationships has a powerful influence on our health. Taking care of your body is important, but tending to your relationships is a form of self-care too. That, I think, is the revelation.” - Robert Waldinger. 

Having a supportive, empowering, uplifting network is key to helping us be our most confident selves and that is something that we can control, but often feel stuck about how to do so. 

Instead of ' Where do you meet a good partner these days?',  a common question my clients ask is " Where the hell do you make friends once you've left high school/Uni?" 

Our craving for deeper, more connected friendships with people who 'get us' is one of the reasons I started my in person Sip + Soul Sessions ( FREE for the members of my Wildlings Community ) 

Having a group of people who understand and support your dreams and are themselves striving or growing in some way, is super important to your confidence and your drive to keep going for what you want. When you have people cheering you on instead of questioning what you are doing every step of the way - the difference it makes is huge! 

The trick is - you have to be willing to be yourself out there first.

Those amazing, inspiring, fun, light hearted and passionate humans you wanna hang with aren't just going to knock on your door ( unless you're super friendly with your mail person and then maybe they will, ha ) and they also aren't going to recognise you as 'one of them'  if you don't show up as your true Self. How do your fellow writers know you have a creative passion in common if your writing is your best kept secret? Ya pick up what I'm putting down?

Take stock of what and who in your life makes you feel like shit, and look at how you can move away from or clear that out. ( Note ** This part is not always easy, but is a natural and important part of allowing space for who and what you want to become ** ) Then gift yourself the connection of humans who make you feel great by putting yourself out there to meet them.


- Go along to Meet Up groups
- Reach out and say 'Hi' to people you admire or vibe with on Social Media. ( The point is to be SOCIAL ) 
- Come along to one of my Sip + Soul Sessons
- Frequent a local coffee shop + strike up conversations with the staff, if you click - invite them to hang out sometime. 
- Invest time, energy and money in courses or hobbies that interest you because you're instantly in an environment with people who like the same things
- Be willing to be vulnerable + uncomfortable in your pursuit of community and I think surprised at just how many other people are wanting to make new friends too! 


Life, death, new friends + strange towns.


Life, death, new friends + strange towns.

california sunset

Two years ago today I found myself standing among a crowd of people from vastly different walks of life to me, in a town I wasn't from, attending the funeral of a man who was killed saving the life of his soulmate. 

He was a friend I knew for only a few short months but whom, along with his beautiful wife, took care of me and many other travellers as if we were family.

It was beautiful to hear the stories of the lives he touched and the way in which he did it - patiently picking up the broken pieces of his wife's heart and teaching her how to love again, standing by his childhood friend and helping to raise the daughter she gave birth to at 16, lending money to save a friends house and investing time in teaching a young teen how to become a hardworking and dependable man.

I left feeling heavy, but grateful to know them both and I wondered if he ever knew the gift that he was to others. He was a quiet guy, enjoyed the simple things and lived a humble life but his legacy is one that I believe everyone should hope for -  One of love, of kindness and generosity.  His life was an example of how when you extend yourself in love, however that may look, you create ripple effects through more lives than you may even realise.

It was a reminder of the power that lies in true human connection and kindness in any form. You don't need to be a millionaire to make a difference in the world. You don't need to be a saint to make an impact. You don't need to be famous for your voice to be heard.

Just use what you have - to share what you can - to give to the Souls that need it. What a different place this world would be if we ALL took responsibility for how we can show up for the planet and each other, instead of waiting for everyone else to go first, to do the work and to make the change. 

Today, I invite you to open your heart, hands and mind to reach out, lift someone up, push someone through, be there, be present, create some space, give your energy and make some effort to extend yourself in love..however that may look. 

Thank you for the reminder today, Spike.
Rest easy, friend. x


Stop worrying, finding your purpose isn't that complicated!


Stop worrying, finding your purpose isn't that complicated!

danielle knight

I'm often asked ‘How do I discover what my purpose is?’. With the Self development industry constantly telling us to 'live your purpose' the uncertainty of it is a big source of stress and confusion for a lot of people and I think it's become over-complicated, so wanted to break it down, offer some ways to navigate it and share how I wandered into to mine.

The trick is to let go of the ‘bigness’ of the quest, pay attention to where you’re at right now & follow the bread crumbs! 

I believe our purpose is always changing and evolving and the way that we make the biggest difference in the world and create a lifestyle we love is to follow and focus on what makes us feel expansive, inspired and lit up right now - and be fluid while remaining open to what life wants to bring to us and what it's asking/nudging us to become.

The way we tap into it and make a difference lies at the intersection between what we loveeeeee, what our skills are, the opportunities we’re willing to put ourselves out there for and the risks we’re willing to take.  ( Your 'purpose' also doesn’t need to mean you’re on the world stage ending poverty or becoming the next Oprah, it can be the simple magic found in making the BEST bagels, or coffee or piece of art that makes people smile and feel something! ) 

What do you loveeee and could talk about for hours?
What comes naturally to you?
When you get spare time or day-dream what do your thoughts wander to?
What frustrates you about the world that you'd love to be different?
What are you constantly curious about and wanting to learn more about?
What is your ideal day? 
What experience and skills do you already have?

For me, it started simply by following my love of travel. And I did anything that meant I could do it more ( Which included taking the risk of moving overseas at 19 )

How can you do more of what you love?

I knew at a very young age that I had an instaible curiosity and appetite for exploring different parts of the world and learning about different cultures. I was obsessed with the show ‘Getaway ‘ and would day-dream about the countries I'd one day visit. 

Once I started to do the thing I love - travel, it started to highlight an aspect within our western culture that I felt passionate about changing. I came to understand how powerful travel is in helping us shift our lives, how much our societies dictate the ‘rules’ we place on ourselves and that we DIDN'T HAVE TO LIVE BY ANYONE ELSES STANDARDS. 

I also really enjoyed and felt energised by spending time connecting with people,learning from them, bringing others together, creating experiences and sharing my journey. I found people were naturally drawn to me asking advice on how they could change certain things in their lives or take a big leap to do something they loved and I was always invested in their happiness. 

Through following what excited me and putting myself out there even when I was ‘under qualified ‘ or didn't feel ‘ ready’ I landed jobs that gave me skills that I'd later use.

Trusting my instincts that it was all leading to something great and I was on the right track meant that I didn't get caught up or worried that my decisions didn't make sense on paper or that I ‘ still hadn’t ‘figured out what I wanted to do with my life.‘

I deeply trusted that it would become clear and in the process I was enjoying myself. 

danielle knight costa rica

The little voice of my intuition saying  ‘yes, this could be good’ , the full body response of excitement that would happen at the thought of a place or opportunity, the chance encounters or serendipitous meetings or conversations were all little bread crumbs from the universe leading me to the intersection of where my skills, passions and experiences met and resulted in creating my businesses and fully expressing who I am and what I love (which is a mish mash of - travel, helping people, creating experiences and learning about/empowering others!). 

My resume reads like confetti, my decisions didn't make sense to anyone else, no one around me was doing the same thing, I've bounced from one place to another and I never really have a plan ( which I understand can cause extreme anxiety for some and that others don't have that luxury or privilege ) but I don’t get caught up in thinking that it all has to follow a certain path or routine. 

Life is a big adventure and the sooner you 'let go' and enjoy the winding roads the sooner you will become clear on who you are and what your 'purpose' is. 

And here's the ( not so secret ) thing - your purpose is to become the truest version of yourself and express that in the most authentic and real way to the world. 

Sharing what you love right now, what you think, what you feel, your creations, your unique skills and perspective is how you make a difference, because there is ony EVER going to be one of you - exactly as the way you are now. NO ONE will have the exact journey, influences, experiences, travels, skills, thoughts or world view as what you do - and your Soul has chosen to show up in this lifetime in order to use that combination of things in some way. 

So, what if instead of trying to discover your purpose, you just decided every day to do a bit more of what you love and share yourself with others in some way?
What would that look like? What would you do? What would you start to study, or create, or experience? 

Follow those breadcrumbs, take risks, seize opportunities, listen to your instincts, do more of what you enjoy and your whole life will start to feel like it’s on purpose, aligned, free, exciting and expansive and the ripple effects of that for your life and the collective, are endless!!!!