Freedom is different for all of us.
Step in to your version of ‘the dream’.


I know where you’re at, Wild one..

>> You feel like there’s gotta be MORE for you and lay awake at night worried you’re wasting your potential.

Or that you’ll regret not ‘going for it’ because you didn’t quite know how..

>> Follow peeps on IG who seem to have the kinda fun and freedom you want but you’re flat our trying to fit pilates in after work coz you’re so drained and feel like you’re on a hamster wheel.

>> Keep yourself small not feeling fully confident in sharing who you really are, what you believe, what you’re passionate about and you’re starting to resent it.

>> Spending wayyyy to much time and energy worrying about what others want or think and your self belief has gone out the window.

What if I told you there was a way to…

Uncaged is a program with a difference, because cookie cutter doesn’t work for us around here..

It’s a 6 week online group coaching experience for unlocking more freedom, fun and (deep) fulfilment in your life.
Ready to nail that promotion, map out your dream bizz, get paid to travel, build community, write that book, meet your dream life/adventure partner, share your gifts and make money in soulful ways you never dreamed of?

Built for the creative hearts with so much magic to share who just don’t know where to start and who feel silenced by the noise of other people’s opinions and pressure to do things in a certain way. 
This will totally change the way you see yourself, your life and the possibilities available to you.

Uncaged cuts through the noise to give you the clarity, confidence and path to the MORE you’ve been craving and not knowing how to reach.

You’ll walk away having cleared your inhibitions, shining a light on what else you’re capable of AND confidently doin’ the damn thing.

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“I’m now living a life that before my work with Danielle, I didn’t think was possible!”
- Danielle Branje.

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“The most important thing people should know about Danielle is that she’ll see things you can’t yet see in yourself, which includes exactly what is holding you back as well as you abilities and potential! ”
- Mindy Fox


Here’s how we flow

Over 6 weeks together we will gather (online via ZOOM) as a community from all over the world to journey through the Uncaged adventure.

This is a hybrid program that’s designed to feel more like an integrated experience. You learn, connect and DO as we go. ( Coz’ lets face it, how many books have we read, courses we’ve enrolled in and inspiring events we’ve attented only to find our lives are basically still the same afterwards? )

Mixing education, self reflection, soulful (and flexible ) structures, all the elements are mapped out to empower you with tools for life and to build solutions around YOU and your unique needs to get you to your version of ‘the dream’ faster!

Every Wednesday night AEST we will connect for a 1.5 hour Masterclass and coaching call. ( 6 classes, 10+ hours of uncaged education = lifetime of knowing how to do’ things on your own terms. )

We will be covering different topics each week that are key for you experiencing the freedom, confidence and kick ass inspiration to really live Uncaged. Its a lot of what they don’t teach us in school, but should!

During this call you’ll learn and me supported by me ( and other amazing special guests ), while also connecting and building your community of fellow Uncaged humans. There’s nothing like walking alongside others who ‘get it’.

All the calls are recorded and uploaded within 24 hours so you’ll never miss a beat. You can also pre-submit questions which I’ll answer ‘live’ for you for you to watch back.

Every Wednesday a new workbook in the Uncaged Hub will be unlocked for you with self guided reflection and actions for you to take based on the Masterclass topic of that week. Think of this less like home work and more like life + soul innovation. It’s deep, it’s fun, it’s expansive and every single step is designed to move you forward and ACTUALLY get results.

Masterclass followed by hot seat coaching, brain storming + expert laser focused support for you + your specific situation.

Realistically you’ll need to set aside about 2.5 hours a week for the masterclass and workbook items. Settle in over a coffee or wine, dig in + watch how quickly your life changes. 6 weeks of focused attention could literally change everything.

And if you have any questions, want to bounce ideas around or need anything outside of the calls, you have constant access to our private Uncaged FB group where you’ll have on hand support, guidance and accountability to kick those fears, procrastination and self sabotage in the ass as it pops up along the way. We’re in this together!

While this is a group experience, you’ll never be just a number or get lost in the crowd. One of my deepest values is connection and I’m in this to help ALL of my fellow ‘outsiders’ feel welcome. In fact one of the greatest benefits of this experience is the humans who are part of it. You’ll be having in person adventures, collaborating and building high vibe friendships in no time.

We have a special online portal called The Uncaged Hub where your replays and workbooks are PLUS lots of additional resources, goodies and tools that connect with each topic to elevate and enhance everything you’re creating. Because - ya know, we ain’t playing small no more.

I know as a free spirited creative there are often so many distraction and a lot of things that I’m captivated by so it helps when I have people there to give me a lil nudge and keep me on track. Which is why I’ll be doing the same for you, giving nudges every week so you stay in momentum and follow through all the way.

Uncaged is not jsut a concept, its a way of life - a life that I am passionate about helping you actually LIVE. So this isn’t just a bunch of inspo that’s going to get you hyped up and then continue on with life as usual… this is about clarity, insight, and SOULFUL ALIGNED ACTION so you actually start to wake up with those ‘omg, this feels amazing’ kinda vibes.

When you show up to our Wednesday calls you’re going to walk away with new ways of looking at things, empowered with a clear plan of exactly what to do step by step ( in a way that feels good for you ) and you’ll be ready to finally start stepping into the ideas, dreams and lifestyle you’ve always craved but didn’t know how to create.

How would that feel? Is that how you’re used to feeling right now? Imagine a tailored roadmap of exact steps + direction to implement things. No more waking up feeling like you *should* be doing something to change but not knowing what that actually is. See ya' later confusion + overwhelm.

What would it mean for you to feel confident, in control, aligned, connected, free and happy about the way that you’re starting each day and incorporating game changing things straight away.

You and your life will literally start to shift as we move through, it’s not some side effect waiting to occur at the end of our 6 weeks. ( although common side effects once we finish is even MORE epic-ness unfolding )

This is your Uncaged experience. Not a cookie cutter course. Not a boring ‘ how you should things’ lecture. Not something you can fuck up or ‘do ‘ wrong. You’ll will get exactly what you’re meant to AND have lifetime access so you can revisit the content and take part in future rounds of magic for every time you are ready to stretch and uncage even more.


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“I wanted clarity on what else was possible for me and felt excited to join but had money fears when it came to investing. It’s the first online program I’ve done and I got so much it, most importantly knowing how to let go of the bullsh*t holding me back.

-Michelle S

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“I knew I wasn’t listening to my inner callings and felt lost, overwhelmed and just disconnected from myself. I was hesitant to sign up because it was group experience but just can’t believe the connections I’ve made.

I met up with new friends in person, learned to listen to my Soul with more clarity, less fear and finally gave myself credit for who I really am. 

- Stami. K


This is for the rebels at heart with a fire in their belly and a burning desire to do big, wonderful things … but need help getting the f*ck outta their own way to discover exactly what those big things are and exactly how to get there.