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As a TV Director I don’t often come by natural talent like this, Danielle’s a stand out!

She’s a natural host with the ability to capture the audiences attention with a calm presence that’s not easy to come by.

She’s knowledgeable and the intelligence behind her words is powerful! She’s fun on stage and makes sure the audience is laughing with her! I was blown away by her.
— Hanna www.axelandash.com



Danielle Knight is a Life + Soul Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, Travel Mentor + Facilitator who empowers others to lead fulfilling lives on their own terms. 

Fusing the power of coaching + new experiences, Danielle creates opportunities for Dreamers to break free from what’s holding them back and confidently be, do + experience all they really crave. 

Having travelled the world for the last decade living in 8 countries, she's lived her life outside the box and understands there's ' no size fits all version' for happiness + success. Danielle aims to help others uncover what their definition is, and offers tools to make it happen. 

With a background in Event + Entertainment Management, Tour Leading, Not For Profit management, Life Coaching and business Danielle draws on her vast life experiences to deliver rich, quality, inspiring content and services. 

She's a passionate and powerful speaker with a grounded and commanding presence that leaves audiences inspired + empowered to take action. 

With a focus on delivering content with heart and tangible tools, audiences leave with take away's to implement straight away and make real lasting change in their own lives.

Key Notes:


The practice of reconnecting to who you truly are so you can confidently and unapologetically lead a soulful and adventurous life, on your own terms.

Learn how we become conditioned to fit in, develop a deep knowing of who we truly are and what we want and the tools that will change your life so you can prioritise yourself and your dreams over the 'noise' in your life. 


Travelling with purpose, ethical travel & how you can use it to intentionally change your life, make a difference and reach your goals.


The key to discovering your passions, gain clarity on your purpose and build a life around what you love to define ( and achieve ) success, on your own terms.


Ready to be a game-changer? Learn how to use your natural strengths, talents & passions to enhance your life & leave your unique mark on the world. 

Like my style but these keynotes don’t fit exactly what you’re after? Contact me and we can chat about what you want and how I can tailor things to your needs.

Danielle Knight Coaching
Danielle Knight Coaching

Workshops for your event:

  • Goals With Soul:
    Reframing our mindset around rigid and traditional goal setting to empower attendees to change the way they make decisions, forever + set powerful life changing goals.

  • Travel Workshop:
    The secrets to plan, map out + enhance your travels so you not only have a great experience, but create lasting and inspiring change in your life.

  • ReWilding: Stripping back the layers to gain clarity and confidence about who we are and what we truly want. Clarity, connection + confidence in our inner wisdom.

  • Success On Our Own Terms: Uncover individual strengths, desires and dreams and fuse that into creating a business or life on your own terms.

Like my style but don’t see a workshop here that fits exactly what you’re looking for? Contact me and we can chat about what you want and how I can tailor things to fit your needs.


As a host for your event I take the pressure off by running things, so you can focus on interacting with your guests or doing other important things.

From running a weekend retreat, welcoming guests, looking after VIP’s, group activities to facilitating discussions and circles I’m your ‘right hand’ woman so you can stay in your zone. Contact me here.

desire map
desire map

What others have to say..

Danielle was a pleasure to work with at our event for The Self-Love Movement.
She delivered her message with such down to earth vibes and was able to captivate the entire room.  Full of magic, inspiration, and authenticity! It was a delight!
— Alana Arvanitis. Founder Self Love Movement.
Danielle is engaging & warm. A total natural!
— Tash Spencer. Beautiful You Coaching Academy.
Danielle facilitated the group brlliantly. She is open, encouraging & the conversastion flowed easily. She is a shining light on this earth.
— Tara Klien
Danielle ensures everyone is engaged & their presence & input valued.
— Luke Jones
Danielle is a goddess. She presented & hosted the evening beautifully.
— Kyah. www.everythinginbalance.com.au
Danielle is so engaging & has such rich knowledge on various countries & their history.
— Rowan Steinkamp
The clarity I have now (after the workshop) is amazing. I know how to do things differently from now on, to get to what I want to feel everyday.
— Paloma Sheith
My impression of Danielle as a Host and a Speaker was that she is a beautiful & inspiring women who clearly loves what she does.
— Alana Merina
Attending the Desire Map Workshop changed everything. I was so filled up when I left… So much gratitude. I can’t say enough about the experience. It was heaven.
— Shawm Marie Turi
It was a nourishing experience & I left feeling warm & fuzzy with new connections & knowing that Im heading in the right direction with people who support me in that.
— Abi Finch

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