Sip & Soul Sessions


Where you go to meet your peeps.

At Sip + Soul there was space to utter out loud the things I can’t articulate in normal conversations. Since attending I’ve made room for growth & transformation in my life, so I can really live instead of just survive.
— Tracey Leigh, Brisbane

Are you tired of having conversations about the same old stuff?  

Do you crave connection with open minded, free spirited people from all over the world?

Would you just like to have an evening of soul nourishing goodness with awesome people in a cozy venue?


Sip + Soul Sessions bring together the dreamers, the creative, passionate & free spirited Beings.

It's for those who want to connect & have real conversations with like minded people who 'get it'.

Over a coffee or vino, we talk all things travel, creativity, passion & purposeful living.  It's an easy going space where you are heard, can speak freely about you're most passionate about & explore the possibilities of the life you (secretly) want to be leading, while being supported by new friends who want to see you shine. 


Feel inspired
Make new connections
Learn from people from all walks of life
Have soul nourishing conversations
Laugh with new friends
Learn from the experiences of others on how to follow your dreams
Share, & be truly heard
Be encouraged & supported


Nothing is off limits, no dream or path too 'unrealistic'. Soulers are creating beautiful changes, facing their fears & stepping into bigger, more exciting versions of their life & you're warmly invited to be one of them, Wild One.

Free to members of my tribe.
Spaces are always limited to ensure the quality of our time together.


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I would recommend this to anyone who feels an itch to ruffle things up or finally make some moves in their life
— Ray Raimis, Boston

Sip + Soul sessions were born from my relentless desire to meet, connect with & learn from new people, in a way that's deeper than surface level. 

In a time where we can reach each other more easily than ever before, I believe we are suffering from a lack of meaningful, nourishing, in-person interactions. My aim is that these sessions foster connection, understanding & inspiration among people from all different walks of life who come as strangers and leave as friends.  

I hope you will join us! x

It was exactly what I’d hoped it would be. The conversations were so incredibly inspiring & insightful.
— Laura Rissman, Brisbane
I felt so supported & supportive. It was a safe space to jump in & bare our souls without fear of judgement. There was sharing & giving & reviving of talents, wisdom & love. I can’t wait to do it again.
— Tara K, Brisbane
I found it so inspiring to hear the words & feelings of others & it helped me to realise I am unique and have something special to offer the world
— Cameron Perrins, Brisbane
I enjoyed being surrounded by like minded Souls who are also on the path to discovering their best selves.
— Valeria F, California

Sip + Soul Sessions are made to travel with me so I will be hosting them in various places. Grab a seat & gain access to the other goodness I provide my peeps. 

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