Next Level intro


Next Level intro

Make money doing something you love

Confidently unleash your gifts on the world

Up the anti + **

Find your crew of people who ‘get it’

Gather + Celebrate in person in Bali.

You know you’re ready to step it up because you’ve come so far already and can feel a fire burning for more magic and **


It all started when…

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You've been doing the work to make changes,  creating a new mindset about what's truly possible for you.

You're unlocking your potential + want to keep this momentum going.

Want to take your impact, fulfilment + freedom through the roof.

You're ready to up the anti + take your ideas, projects + life to the next level.

You've reignited a fire in your belly + want to channel that energy into powerful things.

Committed to unleashing your true self + inner wild.

Here to claim the *more* you know you deserve in love, life, travels, freedom, money + fulfillment.

Value the power of creative community + the benefits of collaboration with inspiring humans.

Mastermind style collaboration with other creative humans from around the world.

(Combine all that experience, knowledge, diff backgrounds + feedback = magic!! )

3 months of expert mentoring, soulful coaching, guidance, support + advice to take you further than you could go alone.

Accountability - nip that procrastinitis, fear or playing small in the ass.

Regular actionable steps to move you one foot infront of the other straight to your goals.

Safe space to unpack your fears, upper limits, shed the layers + step up to shine.

Inspiration, motivation + encouragement to kick that self sabotage to the curb + actually make sh*t happen!

Reach your goals - launch the book, sell out events, book dream trips, up level your business, get a pay rise in your dream job

Book dream clients / make more sales

Increase your income/ uplevel your work doing something you love

Move to your beachside location + work part time

Speak on stage sharing your message

Unleash your free, strong + powerful Spirit into the world, unapologetically

Redesign your life to honour your natural rhyhms, cycles + personality

Build new relationships with your dream crew

Travel to bucklet list destinations

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what they want:

where they’re at/ pain points:

Can’t seem to stay focused

lsoing momenten

have all the ideas and exitement but condused on what to do first so just go around in cricles

starting lots of things/ half assing it and not really moving foward

can almost taste the next level and life you’ve been dreaming of but there’s something stopping you

energetically you want it but there’s some fears you know you needa address


What if I told you that these are all the exactly the kinda signs you need to know you’re ready to up-level?

I know you’re ready to : one sentence here.

rad livin 11 .jpg

imagine how good it’ll be when:
stop so much of the hustling and just be enjoying the spcaious feeling of ‘finally’ pulling it off!

creating a flow and rhythm that works for you because this mind fuzz is killing your buzz

bring in some uspport snd a

tap into energetics that’ll **

get to know your chief entity a whole lot better

feel guided, supported and know deep in your bones this is the right path*


Telling yourself that not convinced + telling yourself that this kinda thing isn’t really possible for you?

Well, my sweet Dreamer, I’M CALLING BULLSHIT… AND HERE’S WHY!

I used too x y, z

all my pain points and my successed.

I’m here to help you do the same, in your own unique way!

Introducing : Next Level Collective. picture here with tag line and inclusions.

In this Next level mastmerind you’ll:
- results

  • results

  • results

You’ll look back on this year as being the one that you FINALLY changed everything + made that epic shit happen!

If you’re seeking…. a few more dot points here.
then Next Level is for you.


danielle knight .jpeg

After Next Level you’ll :
xx have

xx have

xx feel

xx real world lifelong friendships etx

xx unleashed + unlocked your potential.



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