Hey heyyyy, 
Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in?
*Chinks wine glasses*
Me too.

Welcome Dreamer, I’m Danielle.

I’m a freedom expert, lifestyle alchemist, speaker, experience creator, podcast host and adventurous free(d) spirit with what could be considered a masters in backpacking, a PhD in the power of travel and play and an almost magical ability to transform the way you see yourself, your life and others. 

… Not exactly stock standard credentials, right?
Like you, I’m not a stock standard kinda human.

For most of my life, I, too, have felt like the odd one out and was always ‘too much’ of something.

too curious. too free spirited. too dreamy. too emotional.

While everyone else around me was fretting over career choices pre-planning their perfect homes and picket fences, I was dreaming about packing a bag and heading off to travel the world. 

Exploring is in my genes. My grandfather was one of the first film and documentary makers in Zimbabwe, capturing wild-life rescues in the African bush. and my family has moved across a few countries before settling in Australia. Travel is in my blood yet, when it came time to choose my path in life, my truth, my wanderlust, my desire to make big changes in the world, felt trapped under all of the things I I ‘SHOULD’ do, and so I made decisions to try and please everyone else instead. 

Ugggggh. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work. I felt like a caged bird.



I enrolled in University and started studying events + marketing, but most days I would skip class to go the beach, or hang with friends because my restless ( 18 year old ) Spirit didn’t want to be inside the classroom. It wanted to be experiencing LIFE.

So, I made the decision six months into my degree, to hit the ‘defer’ button and set off on my first, big solo backpacking adventure. ( Parentals were not impressed. Friends thought I was loco. )

I didn’t know what I was looking for, or where it was going to lead but I just knew there was something more out there for me than the cookie cutter way we’re taught life has to be lived.

I started off in the UK at 19 years old, and that solo adventure slowly morphed into 10+ years of traveling, volunteering and working all over the globe. It. Was. Awesome.