Rhys Ibbott


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Rhys and Danielle met 10 years ago during the times of late summer nights and dance floors and he'd always been known as a fit, strong, healthy, guy so when he almost died during an overseas adventure in London - it was a shock to say the least. 

Rhys would regularly push his body to the limits, instead of dealing with his stress or emotions,  trying to distract his mind with extreme exercise or drinks with his friends. When he suffered 4 cardiac arrests before the age of 30 Rhys battled with the mental and physical challenges that come with a cardiac disease and was forced to make some big changes. 

Rhys opens up and gets real about:

- The chance encounter that saved his life
- Finding purpose and passion in our struggles
- Tools and coping mechanisms to deal with every day stresses
- What facing death has taught him about life
- How to live in a more healthy and balanced way
- The benefits of mindfulness
- Dealing with negative thoughts and emotions instead of running from them

Rhys Ibbott


Resources mentioned in the episode:
- Viktor E. Frankl: A Mans Search For Meaning
- Headspace: Mindfulness app


Rhys Ibbott

Rhys Ibbott is the Peacemaker With The Pacemaker, Speaker, Yoga and Mindfullness Workshop Facilitator + Co-Founder of Drop Consulting. Growing up as a fit, strong, healthy and active man Rhys’ whole life changed after having 4 cardiac arrests in less than 3 years - all before his 30th birthday. 

He has since faced the extremely challenging mental and physical trials that come with battling a cardiac disease and his journey has shaped the way he now approaches his health, teaching him the importance of living a life in balance. 

From mind, to body, to mouth Rhys continually implements healthy practices into his day-to-day life to ensure he’s living at my optimum and is passionate about teaching others how to do the same.

Coming from a Health Science background and with experience in Education, he teaches others the importance of Holistic Health, with a particular focus on Mindfulness. Working alongside Drop Consulting he offers team talks and keynote presentations on a range of health related topics to improve happiness and performance. 

Connect with Rhys:

Instagram: @rhysibbott


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