(Sip + Soul S2 Ep10 ) The Power Of Cacao With Rene Tonalli

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Life can be a little crazy sometimes, right? What if a daily cup of chocolate could change that?

With Cacao becoming more and more of a hot topic/trend in the Western world, Danielle sought out one of her friends and Cacao stewards, Rene Tonalli to share what all the fuss is about, what makes Cacao so powerful and why we should care.

Rene’s has a deep understanding about the science, sacredness and spirituality of Cacao and other plant medicines from years of studying, living and volunteering with indigenous communities deep in the Amazon jungle and beyond.

After leaving her life in California at 20 yrs old, and setting out on a soul searching adventure, Rene found herself living with indigenous communities deep in the Amazon, and returned months later from the jungle with an even deeper respect for herself, and for Mother Earth, equipped with sacred tools for dealing with life’s crazy pressures, frantic pace and noise that disconnects us.

Danielle and Rene were housemates while both living in Costa Rica and having always admired the way Rene interacted with food/plants as medicine and her knack with natural healing remedies from the Earth, Danielle sits down to hear some more about Rene’s wisdom, adventures and the power of cacao.

- Her struggles with anxiety, eating disorders and depression and how a dream saved her life
- How she found confidence to trust her intuition when it told her to quit her degree, her job, her boyfriend and move to the Amazon.
- Her biggest lessons from living with indigenous communities
- Healing ancestral lineage
- Ways to interact with plants everyday to enhance your wellbeing
- Tools to anchor you into clarity + trusting yourself
- The scientific, ancient wisdom and spirituality behind Cacao that make it so powerful + will boost it’s benefits for you
- Practical steps + suggestions to find more focus, peace, calm + happiness in the crazy busy of life.


About Rene

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Rene Tonalli is a humanitarian, writer, cacao + ceremony facilitator, plant medicine healer and life long student of indigenous wisdom and traditions who fuses her knowledge, experience and passions to help others use sacred tools to deal with the crazy-ness of modern world living.

Her journey began in the Amazon of Ecuador at age 20. Seeking a truth that was not presented to her in the western world she found herself under the deep, green canopy where she was immersed in entheogenic plant medicine, indigenous wisdom and an awareness of the natural world. She felt as she’d taken her first breath. Within a year, she felt she’d received more from the indigenous communities she was working with than she could ever give back.

Her inquiries took her to study and volunteer with grassroot efforts in Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. Witnessing firsthand the struggles, yet simple joys, within these communities, instilled a deep connection to the wellbeing of the indigenous populations in our world. It is truly the hearts of the people that move through her as she deepens her humanitarian journey.


IG: @renetonalli


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