(Sip + Soul S2 Ep11 ) Mindset, Chasing Dreams + Content That Connects With Kristine Fernandez

Kristine Fernandez


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About this episode

How can we feel empowered to live our dreams, confidently show up as ourselves, and stand out from the (online) crowd?

Kristine Fernandez is a Youtube sensation with over 3 million views, and content strategist who has managed to find a way to do just that.
She also happens to be one of the most down to earth, funny, wisdom filled, open heated humans I’ve had the pleasure of Sipping + Souling with.

Kristines journey from 7 years as a flight attendant, to creative business owner is filled with highs and lows - a million rejection letters, starting a business only to realise a year she didn’t want it, to gaining 1000 new subscribers on YouTube a day and learning to prioritise her true needs.

This episode is for anyone wanting to get creative with making your dreams come true, business owners / content creators who want to deeply connect with their community, those with a message to share who want to feel more comfy sharing it, and anyone who’s letting fear stop them from being who they are and doing what they want!

hint: She drops so many gems of wisdom that you’re going to want your notebook handy!


- Her journey from flight attendant to ‘accidentally’ starting a Youtube channel with over 3 million views
- Her tricks for finding the confidence to put yourself ‘out there’
- How she overcame constant rejections + thought outside the box to create her dream
- ‘Must ask ‘questions before creating any piece of content
- Her ‘crying on the bathroom floor’ biggest failure
- The process to create, keep people connected + engaged
- Common self talk that threatens our dreams
- The feeling that indicates it may be time for you to pivot in your life, or business
- Dealing with Imposter System
- How business lead to her spiritual awakening
- The important 20/80 rule for boosting results


About Kristine

Kristine Fernandez

Kristine Fernandez is an expert at personal branding on social media, obsessed with creative content production and teaching others how to make content that’s true to them AND get results.

She shares her skills as a photographer, social media consultant, Youtuber and destination presenter.

Her happiest days are spent styling, taking photos and teaching the world to do it to.

18 years of content creation, 7 years of working as a flight attendant, plus a degree in Communications & Media with a minor in Performing Arts, Kristine is a YouTuber, and Content Strategist who practices what she preaches.
She learns, applies, the pays it forward.
Now , she is also a go-to figure Cabin Crew aspirants and ex-employees and a source for all things Travel.

IG: @missfernandez_


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