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Having discovered Caitlin's work on Instagram I was instantly drawn to how real, vulnerable + powerful her words are in making me feeeeellll and describing anything from how past relationships can serve to liberate you - to the encouraging our free spirited natures to come out to play.  

In a word full of many polished and shiny online facade's Caitlin and her work is refreshing, real and truly inspiring. 

We sat down to discuss how she went from hiding and feeling shame about her passions to now being a freelance writer who shares her words regularly and empowers hundred of woman around the world.

We get real about:  

- How she counterbalances her fear + step's into opportunities that scare her

- What you need to do in order to connect with and discover your 'tribe'

- What made her finally take the leap towards her dreams

- If your parents don't support your ideas why you should go for it anyway

- The new way she structures her work life that allows her to thrive

- The special online community you can join to feel empowered every day

caitlin creeper



Australian-born Caitlin grew up in the ocean. She's had sand in her undies and salt in her veins since day 1. She's a writer, editor, journalist, surfer and professional feeler of feelings. She works location-independent, but currently calls El Salvador, Central America, home. She gets fired up about women's empowerment.

Connect with Caitlin at:

- Instagram: @caitlincreeper


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