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Danielle has always naturally rejected the status-quo but after years of travelling the world and following her intuition she started to doubt her choices and the pressure from society forced her to settle for a life that didn't fit her Soul. This episode is about her personal journey from the life changing trip at 8 years old, to starting her business as a Life + Soul Coach + the mission she's on to empower as many people as I can. 

She reveals exactly why she created The Sip + Soul Podcast and how it can help you to feel confident in who you are and start to live your most adventurous, wild + soulful life. 

Danielle gets real on
- the story she was telling herself that kept her small
- Why she make no apologies for who she is or what she wants
- her perspective on happiness + success + why you deserve to define it for yourself
- How she survived a spiritual breakdown and breakthrough
- The sign she got from a friend that helped her heal
- How she broke free from the 'noise' + reconnected to her Self + my purpose

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Danielle Knight is a Life+Soul Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host + Travel With Purpose Mentor who works with the Dreamers, Seekers + Free Spirits of the world to empower them to unlock their potential, believe in themselves + create a life they love, on their own terms. 

Having lived most of her life 'outside the box' Danielle doesn't believe there is a one size fits all version for happiness + success + is a on mission to help others to break free + confidently do, be, have + experience all that they truly want. 

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