The juicy stuff we cover


Week 1:Feelin’ Free

If you’re sick of not knowing exactly what you want, this will get you unstuck and crystal clear on goals that are super connected to you and the truth of what you want for yourself.
The fog will lift straight away as I guide you to uncover how to feel good in all areas of your life instantly, get clear on what you actually want, + set goals aligned with that, not just what others say you ‘should’ be striving for.
Ahh, sweet relief.

Week 2: Dreamin’ Big

This is where the Soul and strategy collide so there’s no more confusion about what your ‘big vision is or how it looks.
You’ll take those swirling ideas out of your head and heart, into the real world and walk away clear and inspired by the specific and *exact* elements you need to build your uncaged life.

Week 3:Say Bye To The Bullshit

Bridge the gap between where you are + what you want by clearing the bullshit getting in your way.

Learn daily habits + practices to stop the hours of mindless IG scrolling , ditch the fears + worries about what others will think, stop the distractions of saying yes to shit you don’t wanna do and learn how to literally change your brain to unlock more confidence, energy, time, motivation + focus to take those big leaps. ( Hint: this week is one of the most popular, and game changing so get ready, Yo! )

Week 4: Magnetic Vibes

Like bee’s to honey, or hipsters to sourdough + avo toast - you’re going to be irresistible to the things you really desire.
You’ll feel like you’re in the drivers seat of making shit happen by learning the mindset + activities which change your physiology and make getting what you want so much easier.
Less hustle and grind, more (guilt free ) fun, adventures and inspiration. You’ll get way more done by having way more fun!

Week 5: Doin’ You

No more holding back, shrinking, biting your tongue or wondering/doubting what you have to offer - you’ll be strutting like Beyonce through any room in no time.

Learn how to feel confident in who you are as a creative, free spirited, black sheep + OWN this as your strength.

You’re going to discover the sweet spot of magic that only YOU have ( trust me, you have it!! ) which is the key to unlocking your untapped potential and the most authentic, best and real version of you.

Week 6: Sky’s The Limit

Using my ‘Triangle Method’ you’ll identify specific dream jobs, opportunities, , bizz ideas, people + places where you can expand into more of YOU, build your community, take action and keep the momentum going.

Elevate and take your life to a whole new level by uncovering opportunities you’d never even considered and start living more than what you thought was possible.