I partied my ass off in Greece, ran a chalet in Austria, road tripped through Spain, learned to scuba dive in Egypt, lead tours around Europe, organised events for Disney in Paris, came face to face with a silver back gorilla in Uganda and had my eyes opened wide in Palestine. 

Immersing myself in different places and learning from different cultures helped me ‘un-learn’ all of the stories from the society I grew up in hat made me feel trapped and helped become more of the person I was meant to be. I’d never felt more alive. 

But nobody got it and well-meaning friends and fam would ask:

  • “When are you going to settle down?” and “What’s your plan?” 

  • “When are you coming back to the real world?” 

I’d always wonder … Why can’t THIS be the real world?

Why can’t this be the way I ‘do’ life? 

The constant questions and doubts got under my skin. I started to doubt myself and my path and about six years into full-time travelling, I returned to Australia and




I landed a cool job in the music industry and spent a whirlwind two years organising concerts and shows taking care of local and international talent. 

My life  seemed great on paper but even amidst the thrill of meeting fellow creatives and having incredible experiences, something was missing.
I knew it. I felt it. 

(Probably in the same way you can feel that you, too, are destined for more.)

But the truth is that it took losing my best-friend in a car accident for me to wake up, switch off auto pilot and start living for me. 

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do … but it sure as fuck wouldn’t involve slaving away and having someone else dictate my hours or lifestyle.

So I moved to Costa Rica and spent six months diving into the murky mess that was all of my internal crap. I wanted to reconnect and find my way back to the sense of being truly alive that I’d felt all those years ago. 

It was a total shitshow. But a much needed one. I finally got real about my fears and faced up to how I was playing small and wanting to please others. I got back to my wild, untamed, playful essence.

As I sat in the tropical heat of my jungle apartment, I had a real awakening:

I knew that there were so many different ways that people lived their lives. I knew that we can each take so many roads to our ideal lifestyle and I wanted to find a way to liberate people with this work from anywhere in the world and use my passions to truly help people. 

This realisation led to exploring educational courses and, within a few months, I stumbled across life coaching. 


It was like the missing piece of the puzzle slotted into place. 

Life. Coaching. 

Huh. Of course. 

This was my pathway to fusing my passions, experience, expertise and guidance to empower others to break free from the bullshit that is keeping them stuck. 

All of my life, I’d been the go-to girl you went to if you were looking for a permission slip to ditch the safe and sure and go for the wild and true.