Danielle Knight

Ready to uncover what your ‘thing’ is, bring those big ideas to life + share your magic with the world?

Consider me your dream-makin’ wingwoman.


about me

Hey heyyyy, 
Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in?
*Chinks wine glasses*
Me too.

Welcome Dreamer, I’m Danielle.

I’m a freedom expert, lifestyle alchemist, speaker, experience creator, podcast host and adventurous free(d) spirit with what could be considered a masters in backpacking, a PhD in the power of travel and play and an almost magical ability to transform the way you see yourself, your life and others. 

… Not exactly stock standard credentials, right?
Like you, I’m not a stock standard kinda human.

For most of my life, I, too, have felt like the odd one out and was always ‘too much’ of something.

too curious. too free spirited. too dreamy. too emotional.

While everyone else around me was fretting over career choices pre-planning their perfect homes and picket fences, I was dreaming about packing a bag and heading off to travel the world. 

Exploring is in my genes. My grandfather was one of the first film and documentary makers in Zimbabwe, capturing wild-life rescues in the African bush. and my family has moved across a few countries before settling in Australia. Travel is in my blood yet, when it came time to choose my path in life, my truth, my wanderlust, my desire to make big changes in the world, felt trapped under all of the things I I ‘SHOULD’ do, and so I made decisions to try and please everyone else instead. 

Ugggggh. Spoiler alert: It didn’t work. I felt like a caged bird.


Danielle knight

I enrolled in University and started studying events + marketing, but most days I would skip class to go the beach, or hang with friends because my restless ( 18 year old ) Spirit didn’t want to be inside the classroom. It wanted to be experiencing LIFE.

So, I made the decision six months into my degree, to hit the ‘defer’ button and set off on my first, big solo backpacking adventure. ( Parentals were not impressed. Friends thought I was loco. )

I didn’t know what I was looking for, or where it was going to lead but I just knew there was something more out there for me than the cookie cutter way we’re taught life has to be lived.

I started off in the UK at 19 years old, and that solo adventure slowly morphed into 10+ years of traveling, volunteering and working all over the globe. It. Was. Awesome.



I partied my ass off in Greece, lived in a school bus in California, road tripped through Spain, learned to scuba dive while living in Egypt, lead tours around Europe, organised events for Disney in Paris, came face to face with a gorilla in Uganda and had my eyes opened wide in Palestine. 

Immersing myself in different places and learning from different cultures helped me ‘un-learn’ all of the stories and rules from the society I grew up in that made me feel trapped and helped me become more of the person I was meant to be. I’d never felt more alive. 

But nobody got it and well-meaning friends and fam would ask:

“When are you going to settle down?” and “What’s your plan?” 

“When are you coming back to the real world?” 

I’d always wonder … Why can’t THIS be the real world?

What’s wrong with ‘doing life’ this way?  

The constant questions and doubts got under my skin. I started to doubt myself and my path and about six years into full-time travelling, I returned to Australia and




I landed a cool job in the music industry and spent a whirlwind two years organising concerts and shows taking care of local and international talent. 

My life seemed great on paper - I had the great job, the apartment at the beach, the nice boyfriend -

but I knew something was missing. I knew it. I felt it. 

(Probably in the same way you can feel that you, too, are destined for more.)

But the truth is that it took losing my best-friend in a car accident for me to wake up, switch off auto pilot and start living for me. 

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do … but I was sure that the way I was doing things was slowing killing my spirit and things had to change.

So I moved to Costa Rica and spent six months diving into the murky mess that was all of my internal crap. I wanted to reconnect and find my way back to the sense of being truly alive that I’d felt all those years ago. 


It was a total shitshow. But a much needed one. I finally got real about my fears and faced up to how I was playing small and wanting to please others. I got back to my wild, untamed, playful essence and saw how I’d been trying to find a place where I fit inside the box instead of realising I could recreate it to suit me.

As I sat in the tropical heat of my jungle apartment, I had a real awakening:

I wanted to share everything I had learned about finding my own path and sense of freedom to liberate other people into doing it for themselves, while being able to work from anywhere in the world and use my passions to truly help people. 

This realisation led to exploring educational courses and, within a few months, I stumbled across life coaching. 

It was like the missing piece of the puzzle slotted into place. 

Life. Coaching. 

Huh. Of course. 


All of my life, I’ve been the go-to girl you went to if you were looking for a permission slip to ditch the safe and sure and go for the wild and true.

Coaching gave me the tangible tools I needed to fuse my passions, experience, expertise and guidance to empower others ( like you ) to break free from the bullshit keeping them stuck. 



Want to spend your savings on travelling for five years (instead of a mortgage, like your folks wanted)?

Want to turn your passion for yoga into a full-time career?

Want to use your skills to make a real impact in the world instead of just going through the motions at work? 

I’m here to tell you to go for your dreams, because life’s short, and you’re the only one that gets to decide what freedom looks like for you. 


I’m here for the humans that have never felt like they fit in.

Like they weren’t made for what society was selling them. And like they are destined for more


Today, through my process I call ‘Freedom Alchemy’, I’ve coached, mentored, supported and connected 100’s of free spirits and wild rebels of the world to ditch the rule book and create a lifestyle around who they ( really) are, and what they love. 

Sophie Von Marricks

“ This is the absolute best gift you can give yourself. There’s nothing like having someone who truly ‘sees’ you. I’d recommend Danielle to anyone who’s lost their way + frustrated, she can help you find yourself again. ”

-Sophie Von Marricks.

Lily Beaumont

“ I wanted so much out of life but felt a huge block in being able to discover and reach it. Danielle helped me have a major shift that I can only describe as an awakening of the woman inside me and a home-coming to myself.

We have such potential locked within us, Danielle is the one to help you find the key.

- Lily Beautmont

The sacred journey to your own version of freedom is the most worthwhile adventure you’ll ever take, Wild One.

And I’m here to help you navigate it.

danielle knight

All those years ago, I’d never considered that I could fuse everything I love and was good at to build a life and lifestyle around it all and now I’m able to help others because I know what it takes.

Carving my own path has lead to:

- Live in ten different countries, slowly traveling through 57 more
- Build a thriving heart-led business booked out with dream clients
- Volunteer and collaborate on projects throughout Uganda and Sierra Leone, Africa
- Run adventure retreats in dreamy locations
- Speak on stages to 10’s and 100’s of people sharing my message
- Launch an Award Nominated Sip + Soul Podcast
- Produce International Music Festivals
- Sold out dreamy events
- Develop a signature program ( based on all the things I love )
- Build a life with the best partner-in-adventure
- Have a community of inspiring, loving friends who ‘get it’
- Use my platforms and privilege to work against systems of oppression and racial injustice

Has it always been easy? Nope, it’s been a crazy, messy, wonderful shit show.
Would I trade any of it just to fit in or please others? Not for a second. And I don’t believe you should have to settle, either!

I believe you are here with a purpose.

(Even if you don’t know what the f*ck that is or how to make it happen, yet.


Yes, it’s scary.
And yes, procrastination, self-sabotage, fear, frustration and a whole shit load of other obstacles will stand in your way. I get it.

But, that’s why I’m here. You are not alone. 

Ready for this? Let’s go explore and unlock what your potential holds.

The freedom fund

The Freedom Fund.

I am here for collective liberation.

I believe in the power and importance of using my privilege and platforms to help support individuals, build community and unlock ways that we can collectively use what we have to circulate time, energy and resources to liberate the collective.
None of us are truly free, until we all are.

This is a heart and soul led business as a vehicle for change and disrupting systems, stories and conditioning that keep us disconnected, stuck and suffering.

Every quarter a % of my profits are donated or circulated to a social cause, movement, charity or BIPOC owned business.
Thank you for your support in helping be part of the change. x