Life + soul Coach | travel with purpose mentor | speaker | Facilitator | Podcast Host 

Hi, I'm Danielle. Your go-to girl for adventurous, wild + soulful living.


I see you + you're welcome here!

You were born curious,
    full of wonder, a creative Dreamer with a zest for life who values travel, adventure, connection and community.

You have a love for things that make you feel free and you want to be around the ones who 'get it'. 

      You have a heart full
of ideas and want to leave your mark on the world in a meaningful way, but struggle to truly believe in yourself and what you're here to do.

You know there's more for you than working a 9-5 job that doesn't light you up, but feel stuck and don't know how to move towards what you really crave. 


You're not alone Wild One + I can help!

I'm on a mission to unite + empower the Dreamers, Seekers, + Gypsy Souls to unlock your potential + believe in yourself (unapologetically) so you can confidently do, be, have + experience all that you want, on your own terms.

This is about creating a life that fits your Soul, not the mould. 

There's no 'one size fits all' version for happiness + success + I'm here to encourage + support you to define (+ live it) for yourself. 

This is where everyone is accepted, there's space for our differences + we start to re-write some of the bullsh*t stories society tells us about how we should live, love, earn + create!


Through my various offerings I help you remember your inner strength, to think outside the box for what's truly possible for your life + step into your potential to become the version of yourself you've always (secretly) wanted to be. 

Danielle Knight

After wandering the world for a decade, I allowed the noise + opinions of others to drown out my own inner voice. I stopped traveling, gave up on my dreams + lost myself. 

Unconsciously I was trying to be the version of myself I thought others wanted me to be, the version that fit in. I lost my spark, felt suffocated, confused + started to live on autopilot. I was totally disconnected from my intuition + the life my Soul craved + it was a long re-wilding journey to turn it all around.  

I'm super passionate about helping people like you to feel free + empowered to show who you really are, go after what you really want + live a life of magic, not mediocre!

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